Wiping Off
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Air Date September 20th
Episode Number 1
Eliminated N/A
Challenge Avoid falling off a playground

Wiping Off is the first episode of Object Galaxy. Which aired September 20th.


The Episode starts out with Toffee laying on the beach, Saying that she is having a wonderful day. The screen changes to Creamy, Who has gone for a walk, when suddently a melon pops up. "She then exclaims Melony? Is that you?" After a while, she walks over and takes him up, But then flys away with a melon in the hands. The screen then changes to Brain, Possibly Talking with himself about that the others are stupid. Tufty suddently appears and says : “Since You're so clever, Please explain to me how you're gonna get down from here!“ he later jumps down, but is stopped from falling by what presumably is Wandy's spell. He thanks Wandy, Wandy is about to say thanks to him again, but is hit by Mower. Next, Gem, Bragging about his strength, is asked by Gold Nugget if he ever considered trying to be in an object show. He replies that he has been thinking of that, but no object shows have free spots. Suddenly, Camera falls out of the sky. Gem asks who he is, and Camera says that he is a traveling host trying to find a cast for a competition for an amazing life in luxury. Everyone wants to join, and Camera says "This is object galaxy.


  • A game named Doortal, an obvious reference to the game Portal appears in this.
  • Originally, Creamy was going to go down into the ground, instead of flying away, similar to a pitfall seed in Animal Crossing.
    • This was revealed in Object Galaxy Secrets.


  • When Camera introduces himself, his right arm is disjointed.
  • In the yelling scene, Bow doesn't have a mouth, Wally doesn't have a face, Shower doesn't have arms, and Gem doesn't have arms.

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