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Toffee Pose

Voiced By: Phil B.
Gender Female
Species Toffee
Team Liquid Lemons
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Liquid Lemons
Enemies Brain
Color Tan, Brown.

Toffee is a female contestant on Object Galaxy. She is also the leader of the team Liquid Lemons.


Wiping OffEdit

Toffee appeared in five scenes of this episode.

Toffee First appears at the start saying she has a wonderful day. She is later seen with Brain, Choosing a Team Name. Later, she asks who is going to be up for elimination. The wheel of luck is spinned and she is not seen again.


  • Toffee was the first character to speak in Object Galaxy.
  • Toffee seems to be based of the candy Toffifees (Also Known as Toffifay)
  • Toffee is the character that has the most overall screentime.
  • Her costume in A Cased Suit is Suitcase from Inanimate Insanity 2.