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Mower Pose

Voiced By: ToffeeLime
Gender Male
Species Lawnmower
Team Liquid Lemons
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Tufty (Possibly)
Enemies Brain
Color Grey

Mower is a male contestant on Object Galaxy. He is hyper and funny.


Wiping OffEdit

Mower has appeared two times in this episode, He is first seen driving Wandy over. Later he is seen on the yelling scene, Yelling with the others.

A Cased SuitEdit

Mower is first seen when Tufty asks him if he wants to be friends. Mower nods, possibly saying "yes" in a silent way. He is then seen bouncing on gelatins which happens to be Beaky's doorbell. His costume is Rocky.


  • Mower has only talked once in the show.