Cherries old png

Grapes Pose

Voiced By: This Way Out Official (SGT Yoyleberry)
Gender Male (2) Female (1)
Species Green Grapes
Team Clever Brains
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Themselves
Enemies Themselves
Color Green, Brown.

Grapes is a bigendered contestant on Object Galaxy. Grapes is basically 3 people, 2 males that sound like Cherries and seem pretty regular, and a female at the top who is quite mean.


Wiping OffEdit

Grapes only appeared in two scenes in Wiping Off. They were seen near a cliff, possibly worringing if Tufty was going to get hurt. They also appear when Core comes out of a cage. They make a weird face and get blown up.

A Cased SuitEdit

The Grapes are arguing about their costume, deciding to wear a cherries costume, where the 2 males turn into the Cherries, but the top Grape turns into the stem, much to her dismay.

Bustin' The BlockEdit

The Grapes are only seen when Brain expresses his movie idea.

A Merry Verry ChristmasEdit

The Grapes do not appear.

Racin' the TracksEdit

In this episode, they are the last ones safe, causing Tube and Melony to get eliminated. They also change assets in this episode.


  • The left grape has a slightly more blue color than the others in his new design.
  • Grapes is currently the only contestant who has an asset that was made on Scratch by MIT
    • Their "New" assets are actually confirmed to be the original assets, but were recycled because it looked better.

      Old Grapes.