Voiced By: This Wau Out Official (SGT Yoyleberry)
Gender Male
Species Sword
Team Clever Brains
Episode eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Friends Wandy (Possibly)
Enemies Unknown
Color Green

Blade is a male contestant on Object Galaxy.


Wiping OffEdit

Blade is first seen by the cliff, worrying if Tufty would get hurt. He is then relieved because he survived the jump by Wandy's spell. He is seen on the yelling scene and is not seen again.

A Cased SuitEdit

Blade first appears when he as an idea in which they trick Wandy into making their teams' costumes look realistic. After Bow silently points out that the suitcase happens to be Toffee, he says that he didn't think of the fact that the costumes actually make them look like a suitcase, donut, etc.